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The Thing's Journal

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17th August 2006

joylugod11:46am: Quiz!
Since I don't have anything interesting going on, I'm going to use the_thinggg to post all random surveys and quizzes I see that people do when they're crazy bored. Here are the first two I found:

joylugod's LJ stalker is wasson!
wasson is stalking you because they think you are rich and they want your blingbling. They are also in jail for murder!

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From Go-Quiz.com

joylugod Highway
Loony-Bin Lane5
Bog of Eternal Marriage24
Fame City63
Childbirth Hospital113
Contentment Meadows409
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

From Go-Quiz.com
jaimee12:17pm: I miss the_thinggg.

24th January 2005

joylugod10:31am: What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Or, what would you like your plans to be?

17th November 2004

jaimee11:03am: Viva the_thinggg!

12th August 2003

joylugod12:46am: MP3 vs. MD
I bought an MP3 player (Rio Sport S30S), but after playing with it for a little bit I realized that it doesn't hold that many songs. I like the size, sexyness, and ease of figuring it out, but I've filled it up with only 14 songs. Lame! I think I'm going to return it.

I bought the MP3 player to go with me when I go to the gym and 'exercise', and I like the radio tuner feature on it. I'm wondering if I should get a different MP3 player with a bigger storage capacity, or get an MD player. What do ya'll think? MP3 or minidisc? Any suggestions?

8th July 2003

joylugod9:42am: Blahsy blah blah: Priceless
Click here to view "Mastercard Ads you'll never see". Scroll down to the "Limbo Queen" -- is that a tampon string I see?

9th June 2003

joylugod11:43am: Would you rather...?
Would you rather have a permanent mullet that was short and thinning in the front and long and permed in the back (the "party"), or have elephantitis of the balls (if male) or labia (if female)?

5th April 2003

joylugod12:49am: Lame jokes
The Thinggg keeps dying, and so I shall try to revive it.

What's a lame joke you heard recently? I heard one the other day from Michael, who heard it from none other than Christopher Walken, who was plugging his hosting of some show at a bar in Bremerton:

Q: What kind of bee gives milk?
A: A boobie

14th November 2002

joylugod8:50pm: o tannenbaum
What's something you'd like for Christmas?

10th October 2002

joylugod10:40pm: serenity, now!
Do you have a favorite quote, prayer, or scripture that you remind yourself of when things aren't going well?

2nd October 2002

joylugod12:25am: getting to know you
I got this survey-type thing from Jaimee in an e-mail. If you'd like to participate, feel free to. Oshiri penpen!Collapse )

27th September 2002

joylugod5:26pm: i eat computers
Our computer has a lot of crap that automatically starts when you turn on the computer. How do I get to the folder that's in charge of that, so I can make it not start all these programs we never use, so that the time it takes to turn on the computer is faster? Also, the defragmenting program doesn't work. It stays at 0% and is always re-starting itself, even when I turn off the screen saver. How can I get that thing to work again? Since I don't know what kind of information you need to help me out, I'll just start rambling: I have Windows 98, a Compaq Presario 5714, and lots of crappy programs.

20th September 2002

joylugod9:56am: What are you going to be for Halloween?

20th August 2002

joylugod4:54pm: Mango Madness
I have a crazy dog. He's like the ADHD version of Scrappy Doo on speed. Mango's a three month old Jack Russell terrier mix, and constantly needs to be watched. If you don't (of even if you do), he'll dig holes everywhere around the backyard, try to dig holes in the house, bite everything in sight, and bark like you're anally probing him if you tie him up or give him a time out in his kennel. He's also fond of harassing our other dog by biting his tail or clobbering him and trying to bite his face. He's a little menace, I tell you.

So that's my problem. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to calm this dog down, short of tranquilizing him? He has plenty of toys and we play with him all the time in the backyard, but he never seems to get tired. Help me before I stick him in the oven.
Current Mood: drained

6th August 2002

jaimee7:56pm: Today I opened an account on eBay. I can now buy and sell with the best of them. Anyone else use eBay for stuff? If so, what are your feelings on the matter? I know Jeff Witte thinks it's the greatest thing since 20 oz Mountain Dew, but what about the rest of the world?
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